Since 2007, Paris has its own public bicycle sharing system called Vélib’. With about 23,000 bikes and nearly 1232 open stations, biking in Paris have never been so easy. Where are the Paris bikes? You can find stations everywhere in Paris. But can you pick a bike at each one of these stations? While it is easy in central districts, full neighborhoods in Paris constantly lack bikes at Vélib’ stations. Use this map to find the nearest Paris bike station. Check availability history, and get to know when you can pick bikes at busy Paris bikes stations.

Paris bikes on a map

The map displays each one of the 1232 Vélib’ station in Paris. The Open data set of the stations and bikes availabilities is published on the Paris Town open data portal. Even with all theses stations, finding or parking a bike remains difficult in some place at some times of the day. Indeed, a station should not be empty if you look for a bike. However, it should not be full when you need to park! Fortunately the following icons will help you to spot the right station on the map. Do not forget your credit or debit card if you did not subscribe to the service.

Paris bike station icon empty An empty station. No bikes are available here, however you’ve got plenty of place to park yours.
Paris bike station icon full This station is full. As you can pick a bike easily, you can’t park one.
Paris bike station icon 1 quarter This station may be soon empty. Les than 25% of the stands are occupied. Hurry up to get a bike here!

Paris bike station icon 3 quarters

This station will soon be full. Pedal faster to get here or you may not be able to let your bike at this station.
Paris bike station icon half This station has a balanced amount of available bikes and stands. Finally, the ideal station.


Selecting a station displays its availability history. Data is updated every minute from the sources.




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