This heatmap of France economic partners displays aggregated data from the French customs covering a year between 2013 and 2014. Total exchanges with France order countries in this ranking.

Hover your mouse over countries to discover totals of imports and exports. The map also displays total trade balance, rank in total exchanges and the most imported and exported products in Euros. Unfortunately, data may be incomplete for some countries.

The products displayed on this heatmap are the subcategories of the NC8 nomenclature, the standardized classification of exchanged goods in Europe. Top 3 categories showed here are more indicators of particular activities in the country than a rightful overview of the local economy. Indeed, some more spread categories could add up in the following rows, eventually outperforming the top 3.

Noticeable businesses uncovered by this heatmap

By displaying the top 3 categories of products imported and exported around the world, some noticeable exchanges appear:

  • Germany win the gold with 155.679 billions Euros of cumulated exchanges with France.
  • France seems to export shelled walnuts to Moldova only to buy unshelled ones back. Shell removing businesses must be highly competitive in Moldova as French companies keep these logistical tricks in the European Union.
  • A lot of satellites and space vehicles are sent to Kazakhstan due to the presence of the Baïkonur cosmodrom. This facility operated by the Russian space agency provides very competitive prices when it comes to send your stuff in space. Some space vehicles also seems to transit in Russia.
  • Nile perch, featured in the movie “Darwin’s nightmare”  is still a Tanzania best seller. This tasteless but very cheap fish is rarely labelled as coming from Africa when sold in France.
  • Saint Kitts & Nevis finally found an outlet for its invasive monkeys: selling them to France. However, I did not find a trace of a vervet related business in France.
  • It’s a good thing Iranian government lifted the ban on pistachios exports in February 2013. Pistachios represent 35% of Iran’s exports to France, a total of 22 Millions Euros declared to French customs over this period.
  • And some others to discover in the French customs dataset monthly updated and published on



  1. Bonjour,
    ce support semble très intéressant , mais en revanche il semble être posté pour l’instant à titre d’information; seulement ??
    En effet en faisant glisser la souris sur la mappemonde il n’y a aucune donnée qui apparaisse.
    Ca mérite donc un éclaircissement.
    Isabelle Roucoules

    • Bonjour Isabelle,

      Il se peut que vous utilisiez un navigateur internet qui ne supporte pas certaines fonctionalités nécéssaires à l’affichage des infobulles qui contiennent les données. C’est le cas par exemple avec certaines versions d’Internet Explorer. En revanche, la visualisation est fonctionelle avec les navigateurs Chrome ou Firefox.

      Bonne journée.


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